Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Erkki Lappalainen: TTT

"I had been thinking about how poets don't have ways to make use of time in their work – unlike, say, composers with notes and their duartion. Yet time is relevant to the meaning of word. For instance, say "ÄITI" (mother), then make a 5 seconds pause, and repeat ”ÄITI”, ”ÄITI”,”ÄITI” with 1 seconds intervals." – Erkki Lappalainen

In TTT, each individual line has a duration of 3 seconds, so one square equals 1 second. "T." is stressed, "T" unstressed, light.

Erkki Lappalainen first performed the work on January 1, 1988, in Stockholm, at "Poeternas Estrad", Kafe 44.

Born in 1946 in Finnish Karelia near Russian border, and living in Sweden since 1970, Erkki Lappalainen is the author of more than 40 literary works, including his Swedish debut, Jag ville så gärna säga det (1975), Barnet och soldaten (1988), Ryggradsflöjten, and K. He has performed extensively in Sweden, Finland, Russia and elsewhere in Europe, and in the USA, and been called an infinitesimalist, neofuturist, postmodernist, conceptualist, "the master of reiteration", and "an original talent" by Olof Lagercrantz.

TTT, 15,24 x 22,86 cm, 53 pages, ISBN 978-952-215-041-7. Graphic design by Make Copies, cover photos by Kristian Runeberg. Price € 12,47 plus mailing costs.