Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Aki Salmela: Word In Progress

”I heard thunshot, but nothing und of ghappened. Ear heavy so I turned tomy chest and lookebarrel frod at it. The pistol tlooked bidea what all the fuit had noss, was aboack as if ut. It migtfrom the factory, me straighthe innoceht have cont gleam to chest. It was wet, I felt mynd sticky fnewness. I found troke beside my nippllet had be.”

English, Finglish, Xinglish, Glinglish – or rather, all these mixed & fucked up to form a seminal work of new Finnish poetry, by Aki Salmela (born 1976), poet and translator, author of Sanomattomia lehtiä (2004), Word in Progress (first edition, 2004), Valveillaoloa (a selection of translations from John Ashbery, 2004), and Leikitään kotia (2005), and winner of the prestigious Kalevi Jäntti Award, 2004.

”Funny no one paid sidewalkany attentacrossthion, I thong. lt consoliugh me, it fel me good.”

Word In Progress: 6" x 9", 54 pages, Artwork by Lauri Wuolio, Price €10.56 + mailing costs.

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